Yoga Breathing Improves Sleep Apnea

Yoga Breathing Improves Sleep Apnea

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Breathing is a function that comes naturally, but sometimes the basic vital function can go wrong and be the source of disease. These Diseases Include:

Or Wait, Maybe we need to create a new name for a Disease, Because all these diseases/conditions are caused by Poor Breathing Function. We should all just take a moment to “Breathe” and think about this for a moment.

Treating poor Breathing Function is covered brilliantly in a “guide” titled, “Yoga Breathing For Sleep Apnea”, by Marc MacDonald, M.Sc. The Guide teaches you techniques of yoga breathing through a series of exercises. The purpose of the Exercises is to improve or cure Sleep Apnea by strengthening the breathing systems and airway through Yoga Breathing Techniques.

The Guide is organized into eight easy to follow stages to simplify the therapy for the reader. The first four stages of the guide are performed lying down while the second half of the exercises are performed sitting. The book is written so the stages can be followed by anyone and it should not be necessary to involve a Yoga instructor.

  • Stage 1: The goal of this first lying-down exercise is to help you become attentive, invigorate your nerves, loosen up your lung movement and prepare your lungs for deep breathing
  • Stage 2: This exercise basically teaches you the art of exhalation. Controlled exhalation is emphasized here with the aim of soothing your nerves and calming your brain.
  • Stage 3: This exercise focuses on the art of inhalation. In this stage, you will get to learn an inhalation technique that would invigorate your nervous system.
  • Stage 4: This last of a series of lying-down breathing exercise teaches you how to master your inhalation and exhalation skills, the effects of which are heightened energy and relaxed nerves.
  • Stage 5: This fifth breathing exercise is similar to stage 1, but requires you to sit down instead of lying down. This first sit-down breathing exercise emphasizes the art of observation that will lead to even breathing.
  • Stage 6: Like the stage 2, this exercise will enable you to learn how to lengthen the duration of your exhalation skill while sitting down.
  • Stage 7: This penultimate stage is the sit-down version of the lie-down breathing exercise of stage 3. Here you will learn the art of inhalation while in a sitting position.
  • Stage 8: This ultimate breathing exercise is also considered as the Ujjayi pranayama proper. Here, you will learn how to master your breathing skills the ultimate goal of which is the transmission of life-giving energy to all the vital parts of your body.

This guide also demonstrates the four major techniques of sleep meditation that you can do to treat your sleep apnea. These four sleep meditation techniques include: Left Nostril Breathing, Clearing Your Mind, The Power Nap and Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

  • Left Nostril Breathing: As the name suggests, the reader will breathe the proper way through the left nostril by blocking the right nostril with fingers until the reader drifts to sleep. The reader will also learn through this sleep meditation technique the concepts of breaths as he/she goes through the exercise.
  • Clearing Your Mind: This exercise emphasizes deep meditation through visualization of things or events that you have done and what you are going to do. You need to equip yourself any writing implement, but preferably a pen or pencil and a clean sheets of papers. Unused notebook or diary can be a good choice to scribble on your notes as you perform this exercise.
  • The Power Nap: Power nap is thought to be another excellent sleep meditation technique wherein you can adopt to treat your sleep apnea. This exercise doesn’t need more than a simple sleeping position and an equally simple visualization of a clock as your virtual timer while you take your power nap.
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation: This meditation technique is designed to allow the release of tensions from all parts of your body through progressive concentrations on each group of body parts until you drift to sleep.

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