Holistic Orthodontic Approach achieves Straight and Symmetric Smiles, Balanced Bite, Proper Tongue Position, Breathing, Sleep and Posture.

If you are looking for a straight smile or local orthodontic services. We are an orthodontics service provider in Rockville with a special focus on Holistic Orthodontics.

The goal of Natural Orthodontics is to create healthy Balanced Smiles and Facial Development or “Space” for Breathing and Tongue Position. Natural orthodontics uses the aid of Natural forces such as the tongue, chewing forces, and Innovative Light Wire Functional appliances to Balance the Bite and Facial Profile. An Example of a Lightwire Functional is an ALF Appliance. ALF is an example of an expander. The ALF can also be used to gently increase the Size and Balance the shape of the jaws. It is invaluable in correcting tooth crowding and encouraging jaw growth so all the teeth and tongue can fit into the proper places. The ALF can sometimes be an alternative to braces.

The use of the ALF appliance and other functional appliances ensures Facial Balance, Bite Balance and proper space for Nasal / Mouth Breathing, Tongue Position. Proper “Balance” and “Space” is what creates Stability, Health and prevents future TMJ, Postural and Sleep Problems. Improper use of traditional orthodontic wires can create facial asymmetries seen above and not create enough space for teeth and tongue. If care is not taken with Wires, the teeth can be held back or pulled back too far into the mouth or airway. (We still promote the use of orthodontic wires, but only after proper balance and space have been created. In fact many of our cases are still done at least in part with orthodontic wires).

Traditional orthodontics has focused on moving teeth and getting them straight with metal wires, bands, and brackets. During child development, jaws and facial bones can under develop, causing a small mouth and too little room in the jaws for all the teeth to fit. Orthodontic wires if used improperly can restrict growth in a child.

Teeth are often extracted to create more space as a part of Orthodontic Treatment. Extracting teeth and pulling teeth back with wires, reduces the size of the mouth, nasal passageways, sinuses and the face in general. A small mouth can crowd the tongue and reduce the size of the airway. Airway problems can lead to TMJ problems, Sleep Apnea, Chronic Sinus Issues, Poor Posture, Chronic Skeletal Pain, metabolic problems…

Natural Orthodontics uses treatments to create more room in the mouth for all the teeth to fit more naturally. Treatment is centered around optimal oral-facial development and function. The use of an ALF Dental Appliance and tongue and chewing exercises is a common treatment course for crowded teeth.

Is there anything more important than Breathing, Proper Posture, Balance and Overall Health?

Identifying factors involved in Teeth Crowding and Facial Under Development:
  1. Diet of soft foods such as Macaroni and Cheese, and Applesauce vs Celery and Chewy Meats and Nuts.
  2. Tongue Tied improperly limiting range of motion of the Tongue
  3. Airway Problems

Natural and normal oral-facial development helps promote healthy attractive smiles, healthy jaws, large airways, healthy posture and whole-body health. After all, promoting whole-body health through proper dental care is what holistic dentistry is all about.

Natural Orthodontics is for Adults and Children. We screen children for proper development starting as young as 3 years old.

The goal for children is to promote optimal oral-facial development and avoid small mouths and crowed teeth situations. HO for adults is more complicated because oral-facial development has already occurred.

Adult Orthodontics requires determining where Facial Development went wrong and developing a plan to correct existing under development and asymmetries.

Adult Orthodontics cases are more complex because they often involve TMJ pain, Airway Problems, Failed Orthodontics Treatments and possible even Sleep Apnea.

The DNA appliance is a new appliance that can be used to re-develop adult jaws and facial bones. The DNA Appliance is very effective in treating TMJ problems and Sleep Apnea due to its unique ability to create new growth in adult jaws. The DNA Appliance can create proper Space, Bite Balance and Facial Symmetry for the Adult.

We’re the leading holistic orthodontic service in the Rockville / Maryland & D.C. area with more than 25+ years of combined expertise in creating naturally healthy smiles through holistic dental care.

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