Sarah is a holistic nutritionist and myofunctional therapist, specializing in areas like dental nutrition, airway health, and how the incorporation of both help to optimize dental treatment outcomes, dental health, and overall wellness. Sarah has a strong dental background and has worked in the dental field in various capacities for more than a decade. Through her experience at Natural Dentist Associates, she discovered her passion for a holistic lifestyle and wellness practices, including herbalism, toxin-free living, breathwork, clean eating, and mindfulness.

As a holistic nutritionist, Sarah believes in approaching health from an individualized and whole-body perspective. She understands the connection between oral health and overall health, and embraces the philosophy of taking care of teeth from the inside out. In addition to regular studying and continued education, Sarah has completed additional training specific to dental nutrition at the Swiss Biohealth Clinic in Switzerland. As a myofunctional therapist, Sarah is passionate about how the airway, early development, breathing, oral, and facial muscles are linked to sleep quality, overall health, and vitality. She appreciates working as a team to maximize collaboration, working towards complementary goals, and creating optimal treatment plans that focus on the root cause.

Sarah Philpott

When Sarah is not busy wearing one of her many hats at Natural Dentist Associates, she enjoys cooking healthy and creative plant-forward meals, swimming, kayaking, live music, reading, and relaxing evenings at home with her husband and their fur babies. Sarah is an avid writer and her article “For Better Breathing, Look to Better Oral Health” was published in Pathways Magazine Spring Edition 2022.

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