Finding out your wisdom tooth needs is quite easy to accomplish. Many times, your dentist has already been monitoring the development of your wisdom teeth during regular check-ups and x-rays at your routine visits. In this case, your dentist will most likely let you know when it is time to discuss your wisdom teeth needs. When it is time to talk about your wisdom teeth, you will need to schedule a wisdom tooth consultation to find out more about your unique smile needs. Keep in mind, every person you know has had or will have an experience with keeping third molars or having them removed. Learning about your own needs is always the best approach.

During your wisdom tooth consultation, your dentist or oral surgeon will thoroughly inspect your smile with the assistance of digital x-rays. More specifically, a panoramic x-ray called a Panorex. The Panorex enables your doctor to accurately diagnose, develop a plan of treatment, and safely perform wisdom tooth extractions. The use of x-ray technology also helps your dentist see things that may go undetected by visual exam, and can identify added risk from other anatomical features.

Another important part of your wisdom tooth consultation is taking the time to discuss surgery expectations. Having a tooth extracted can be a frightening experience, so at Natural Dentist Associates, we reserve plenty of time for you to ask questions and address concerns. The doctor and staff will help explain your treatment options, surgery expectations, how to prepare, why you need treatment, as well as your sedation options.

Your doctor will go over your current health as well as your health history. This will help determine whether oral surgery is safe for you. Typically, oral surgery is performed under local anesthesia. However, we offer several sedation options for patients who experience dental anxiety, or for more complicated extractions. Or, perhaps you just want full relaxation during your surgery. Whatever the reason, we have sedation options to suit all needs. Reviewing your health will determine which sedation options are available to you.

Once the doctor has collected enough information, she will make a diagnosis and treatment recommendation. At this time, the office staff will present you with a comprehensive treatment plan that includes costs and insurance estimates. If you are ready to schedule an appointment to proceed with oral surgery, you will be able to do so at this time. Even if you are not quite ready to commit to dental surgery, you should leave the office feeling informed about your wisdom tooth needs.

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