What Kind of Doctors Specialize in TMJ?

Porcelain and Zirconia Dental Crowns are useful in many situations.  A Crown is basically a thin layer of material used to rebuild the outer white layer of tooth called enamel.  Porcelain Crowns are different than Porcelain Veneers as Veneers only cover the front surface of the tooth whereas

This service is available in Rockville MD.

IV Sedation Dentistry is available for this procedure in Rockville, Maryland.

Porcelain Crowns can be used to correct the following tooth problems:
  1. Teeth with structural loss or damage including tooth cracks, breakage and fracture, large areas of rot, decay or cavities.  Basically if a tooth is void of enough of the tooth itself, due to any of the above problems, it needs to be rebuilt with a Porcelain Crown.  Fillings are meant to fill small to medium size holes in teeth, not fill over 50% of a tooth or to rebuild it.  In fact tooth fillings weaken teeth and rely upon the remaining tooth structure for support.  If a tooth is over filled, it will crack and break.  A tooth that cracks or breaks will require an extraction and an implant or a root canal and crown.
  2. Teeth with Root Canals almost always need crowns. In fact in most cases, it is a complete waste of time to to a root canal unless the tooth is going to receive a crown.  Root Canal Teeth have experienced so much structural loss and additionally over time Root Canal Teeth become brittle and are more susceptible to tooth fracture and are more likely to break if they do not receive crowns.
  3. Severely discolored teeth can be corrected by literally replacing the dark, unsightly enamel with a beautiful Porcelain Crown.  Crowns are more effective than Porcelain Veneers because Crowns literally replace all the enamel outer layer of the tooth versus Porcelain Veneers which are Veneered over some or all the enamel.  Some of the dark enamel is able to shine through the somewhat translucent Porcelain Veneers
  4. Teeth that are the wrong size and shape are corrected by shaping the tooth differently with a new Crown.  Teeth may need to be reshaped for reasons including Cosmetic Dentistry, TMJ problems or to correct gum problems where large amounts of food is getting trapped between teeth.

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