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Will make time Today for any Dental Emergency. Our promise is to see Dental Emergencies the Same Day and do whatever is necessary to get the Dental Pain or Tooth Infection under control. 24 hour Emergency Dentist Available for our patients.

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What is A Dental Emergency Requiring a visit to the Emergency Dentist:

emergency dentist north bethesda md

  • A broken or lost tooth – broken teeth sometimes have exposed nerves and need to be treated to get a patient out of pain.  Teeth with nerve exposures will need to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant. We Have an Emergency Dentist who can perform an Emergency Tooth Removal the Same Day if necessary.
  • A tooth that has been partially dislodged – dislodged teeth that are not stable need to be splinted and secured so the gum can heal properly, so a dislodged tooth can heal and tighten back up.
  • Sudden, severe swelling – swelling is either caused by a trauma or an infection.  An x-ray will need to be taken to determine the source of the infection and the patient may need to take an antibiotic.
  • A sore on the gum that looks like a pimple – this may also be an infection or dental abscess. Sometimes Abscesses need to be opened, incised and drained on an emergency basis to prevent spread of infection.
  • A broken or lost crown or filling – a broken restoration of any kind needs to be fixed asap to prevent leakage of bacteria into a tooth and irreversible tooth nerve damage. Irreversible nerve damage will require a Root Canal or Dental Implant.
  • An object caught between the teeth that can’t be removed with brushing or dental floss – an object stuck in the gum can cause a gum infection or abscess
  • Injuries to the lips, gums, or palate – injuries may need to be stitched.  Immediate attention can reduce the risk of dental infection and unsightly scarring.
All the above conditions are Dental Emergencies and need to be dealt with by a local Emergency Dentist ASAP basis. 

A Cracked Tooth needs to be properly diagnosed by an Emergency Dentist and repaired or removed ASAP.

emergency dentist in north bethesda md A Tooth Cracked above the root is repairable. A Tooth Cracked down the Root Cannot be repaired. The Former needs a crown ASAP to prevent further cracking and tooth loss.

Any situation that is causing you severe pain, acute dental infection or moderate to severe dental discomfort is a Dental Emergency. At Natural Dentist Associates an emergency dentist will make time for any Dental Emergency. We promise to see Emergency Patients in PAIN the Same Day and do whatever is necessary to get the patient out of PAIN.

One of our Emergency Dentists will Perform Same-Day Tooth Extractions if necessary. We serve primarily Rockville, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Wheaton, Potomac, DC, Gaithersburg, Kensington, Germantown, Burtonsville, Laurel, Columbia and Northern Virginia (Mclean, Tysons Corner, Great Falls, Arlington ) but people travel from all over the country for our specialty and Holistic Dental Services.

Contact Natural Dentist Associates or Send An Email so that we can treat your problem quickly. If additional treatment is needed, we will let you know and discuss your options with you.

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