Holistic Kids Dentist / Pediatric Dentist

Holistic Pediatric Dentist Rockville,MD:

We offer complete Holistic Pediatric Dentist services in Rockville, MD. If you are looking for a Natural Kids Dentist, we do not use any metals, fluoride or BPA.  All our pediatric materials are safe and effective for Holistic Kids Dental Care.

Holistic Pediatric Dentist

What to Expect at Your Childs First Holistic Dental Appointment:

  1. Fluoride Free. ADA study confirms dangers of fluoridated water, especially for babies
  2. Natural Organic Products
  3. Metal Free
  4. BPA Free
  5. No dyes
  6. Latex Free
  7. Chemical Free Digital X-rays
  8. Comprehensive Holistic Care

Biological Kids Dental Services:

  1. Kids Dental Cleaning
  2. Kids Anti-Cavity Treatments
  3. Kids X Rays (when necessary)
  4. Kids Sealants (when necessary)
  5. Kids Porcelain Fillings
  6. Kids Tooth Removal
  7. Kids Phase 1 Orthodontics
  8. Kids Phase 2 Orthodontics
  9. Kids Orthopedics
  10. Kids ALF Appliance Treatment
  11. Kids DNA Appliance Treatment
  12. Kids Palatal Expanders
  13. Kids Frenectomy
  14. Kids Tongue Tie
  15. Kids Lip Tie
  16. Kids full mouth dental implants (Just Kidding)
  17. Hopefully we didn’t miss anything

Kids Holistic Dentistry is one of the most important parts of our practice. We will thoroughly evaluate your child’s health with the utmost concern and care. When Necessary, we will address any Dental, Developmental or Health needs as early as possible.

During Your Child’s Pediatric Dentistry Appointment We will evaluate:

  • Overall Health
  • Dental Health
  • Growth and Development

Overall Health

Overall Health impacts dental health. Dental Health impacts overall health.

Dental Health

  • Cavities or Decay
  • Gum Disease or Gingivitis

Growth and Development

This is the big one and most often overlooked…Poor Facial Development and Failed Orthodontics are the leading causes of TMJ Pain and Sleep Apnea. Small Mouths and airways cause poor sleep. Few things are more important to a Kids overall health than proper Mouth and Facial Development.

  • Proper Jaw Size and Alignment
  • Proper Facial Development and Facial Profile
  • Proper Tongue Size, Tongue Position, Tongue Range of Motion and Normal Swallowing
  • Normal Palatal Size and Shape
  • Normal Nose and Mouth Size and Breathing
  • Normal Head, Neck and Shoulder Posture
  • Normal Sleeping Pattern
  • Normal Orthodontic Growth, Teeth Development and Teeth Eruption Pattern

Our main concern – We do not want your child to end up with a small mouth or small face or in general any facial under development. Facial, Jaw and Profile Under Development Causes:

  1. Tooth Crowding and Expensive Orthodontic Problems
  2. Unattractive Facial Shape, Facial Profile and Smile
  3. Poor Breathing
  4. Poor Sleeping
  5. Poor Posture
  6. TMJ Pain in Adulthood
  7. Sleep Apnea in Adulthood

Signs and Causes of Under Development:

  1. Tongue Tie

    Pediatric Dentist

  2. Lip Tie

    holistic pediatric dentist

  3. Teeth Crowding

    Kids Biological Dentist

  4. Small and Deep Palate

    kids dentist

  5. Small Facial Profile

    kids holistic dentist in North Bethesda

All of the above conditions require treatment.


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