Mercury Detox Pack

Patients find themselves in need of heavy metal detoxification for a variety of reasons. Natural Dentist Associates has a specific concern for protecting patients from Mercury toxicity when removing Amalgam Fillings. In fact Amalgam Fillings contain 50% mercury. The maximum exposure to Mercury in the dental office is when Amalgam Fillings are either placed or removed. Natural Dentist Associates follows the protocol for Safe Removal of Amalgam Filling Materials. While the protocol is very effective in reducing Mercury exposure, when patients have a large amalgam filling removed or especially multiple mercury fillings removed, we recommend a Mercury Detox Pack. The Mercury Detox Pack contains liposomal Vitamin C, liposomal Glutathione and IMD intestinal cleanse. We use the products manufactured and sold by Quicksilver Scientific.

There is no safe level of Mercury in biological systems. Mercury is the most toxic substance on this planet when it becomes biologically available. Certain foods such as tuna and sword fish contain Mercury. Amalgam Fillings release Mercury gas on chewing and tooth clenching. When a dentist drills on a Mercury Filling, Mercury gas is released. Mercury gas is far more toxic than the Amalgam solid. The amalgam solid is somewhat insoluable in saliva and therefore is not as toxic as mercury gas. We recommend the Mercury Detox Pack to 1) protect the patient against the mercury challenge during Mercury Filling Removal and 2) detox the patient from existing systemic Mercury levels.

Patients with existing Amalgam Fillings will usually test positive to the Mercury Tri-Test. Some debate can be made as to the source of the mercury, but the benefits to detoxifying the patient cannot be denied. We separate patients into two categories: 1) those who need protection from toxins released during Amalgam removal and who do not have high levels of Mercury and 2) those patients who already have high levels of Mercury and are in need of detoxification and protection against Amalgam Filling Removal. For patients in category #1 we recommend a small Mercury Detox Pack consisting of a one container each of Liposomal Vitamin C, Liposomal Glutathione and IMD Cleanse. The Detox Pack will take approximately one to four weeks to complete. For patients in category #2, we recommend the Detox Qube by Quicksilver Scientific. The Detox Qube will take 1 month to complete.

We offer the Mercury Tri-Test by QuickSilver Scientific at Natural Dentist Associates. It is optional for any patients having Amalgam Fillings Removed.

What is Liposome?

A Liposome is a small oily bubble capable of passing through thin tissue and directly into the blood. A liposome can be filled with vitamins or other substances we want to get into a patients system without having to send it through the patients stomach. When substances pass through the stomach they may not be absorbed of they maybe be destroyed or altered by the stomach. A Liposome passes with the substance through thin skin and directly into the blood supply without going through the stomach. Liposomes go a step further and deliver there contents into the cells of the body where the substance can have the intended effect. The best example of thin skin is the tissue under the tongue or the gums adjacent to teeth.

What is Liposomal Vitamin C?

It is Vitamin C inside of a Liposome. Vitamin C in this form can be delivered directly and completely into the blood and into the cells of the body where cellular and tissue repair needs to happen. Vitamin C is an integral part of repair and detoxification. Natural Dentist Associates recommends patients start a Liposomal Vitamin C regimen three days prior to Amalgam Filling Removal.

What is Liposomal Glutathione?

It is Glutathione in a Liposome. Glutathione is a natural substance made by the human body. Glutathione assists the cells of the body in moving Mercury and other toxins out of the cells of the body and into the patients blood stream. Once the Mercury is out of the cells, it can be transported to the Kidney and removed from the body.

What is IMD intestinal cleanse?

It is a blend of special silica beads with a high affinity for Mercury and other heavy metals. The IMD cleans is swallowed where it enters the stomach and intestines where it bonds Mercury and other Heavy Metal contaminants. Once the Heavy Metals are bound they can be carried out of the patients Intestinal tract and into the toilet where it belongs.

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