Dr. Kimberly Baer is a Maryland native, receiving both her Undergraduate in Biology and Doctoral in Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland, College Park. Since then, she has earned a Master’s degree in Implantology from NYU in 2001, as well as Master’s degrees in Biological Medicine & Toxicology, and Orthodontics. Dr. Baer is board certified in Naturopathic Medicine, and received her board certification in IV Anesthesia from Duquesne University in 2012. In 2001 Dr. Baer opened the doors to Natural Dentist Associates in North Bethesda, MD.
In addition to her degrees, Dr. Baer has received certifications in a multitude of areas, including Ceramic Implantology with Swiss Dental Solutions in Switzerland, Airway Dentistry with Dr. Felix Liao, Hal Huggins Biological Dentistry, and Epigenetic Growth Appliance Therapy. She is a certified fellow with the IAOMT, and continues to expand her education through regular seminars, conferences, and continued education courses.
Dr. Baer is extremely passionate about providing quality dental care that does not compromise overall health, offering her patients a dental experience that is free from toxins, BPA, fragrances, and fluoride.  Dr. Baer’s areas of expertise include IV sedation dentistry, and alternative services like ozone therapy, safe amalgam filling removal, dental materials testing, natural orthodontics, laser dentistry, and non-metal zirconia SDS ceramic dental implants. She built her biological dental practice with a strong emphasis on non-reactive and bio-friendly materials, always staying current with the newest dental innovations – especially those that are evidence-based and emphasize biocompatibility.
Dr. Baer volunteers a great deal of her time to Kids International and Healthcare International, where she spends an average of 8-12 weeks each year providing dentistry in countries that have limited access to dental care. She also volunteers locally, providing dental treatment to Holocaust Survivors and refugees. In her free time, you can find Dr. Baer training for her next marathon or hanging with her two children and their rescue pups, Juniper and George.

“Airway is Everything” ft. Dr. Kimberly Baer on The Untethered Podcast with Hallie Bulkin

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