Dentures with Implants and Locator Attachments are Called Locator Implant Dentures

Implant Dentures aka Over Dentures

The Implant Dentists at Natural Dentist Associates in Rockville Maryland provide full service tooth replacement With Dental Implants and different tooth replacement options. Implant Dentures is a service offered at our Dental Implant Center in Rockville Maryland. IV Sedation Dentistry is available for this procedure in Rockville, Maryland.

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Implant Dentures is the most practical solution to replace all your teeth with Dental Implants. Dentures with implants are removable bridges. Over Dentures look like teeth, function well and are quite stable in chewing and other functions. An entire mouth of teeth can be replaced by placing 6-8 dental implants and inserting special abutments (zest locator attachments) on top of the Dental Implants and special attachments (zest locator attachments) into the implant denture or removable bridge. Dentures with Implants are also called Implant Over Dentures. The abutment-attachment system much resembles a male and female snap relationship. The abutment-attachment system is also very compact, non-intrusive and easy to clean and maintain. Over Dentures are also called Locator Dentures or Overdentures.

The Advantages of Locator Implant Dentures:
  1. Less expensive than implant solutions that stay in the mouth ( All on 4 Implants )
  2. Far more stable than conventional dentures
  3. Repairs and maintenance is easy and relatively inexpensive
  4. Can be removed by the patient for cleaning
  5. Looks very esthetic and natural
The Disadvantages of Dentures with Implants:
  1. Removable unlike natural teeth
  2. Require more frequent maintenance of the attachment system
  3. Bulkier than fixed implant options. Patients will complain it is “thicker”
  4. More bone and gum loss since fewer implants are placed

Implant Retained Overdentures are also easy to maintain as they can be easily removed and cleaned and replaced.  You may see the “removable” nature of the Overdenture initially as a turnoff, but removing the teeth can be an advantage when a piece of food such as a popcorn kernal gets stuck around or under the prothesis.  Many patients with fixed or more permanent implant options such as the All of 4 Dental Implant option, complain about food trapping  around the fixed prosthetic teeth.  Overdentures do not have food trapping issues as permanent or fixed implant options.

Implant Retained Over Dentures are far less bulky than traditional dentures because they use the Dental Implants for retention rather than suction and denture glue.  The Overdentures also do not cover the palate up to and feel less heavy and more natural than conventional Dentures.

Future maintenance and  repairs are always an issue with Dental Implant solutions.  Overdenture repairs are typically inexpensive and can be performed in the dental office same-day.  Many of the more complex fixed implant cases such as All on 4 Dental Implant cases can be very difficult and expensive to repair and maintain.  Many Dental Implant Centers will complete All on 4 Dental Implant Cases and defer patients to other dentists to maintain their cases.  You should ask your Implant Dentist if they are willing to maintain your case after it is finished and what maintenance is necessary and what to expect to spend to maintain the case every year.

The Costs of a Full Mouth Implant Retained Overdenture Case including a full set of top and bottom teeth in the Washington DC area will Cost $25K – $38K.  The cases will typically take 4-6 months to complete.  You will not need to go without teeth as we will provide you with a set of temporary teeth until the permanent ones are delivered.

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Many patients ask about Teeth in a Day.  We do Teeth in a Day, but they are temporary and you want them to be temporary, because in a period of a few months your gums and mouth will be an entirely different shape than the day we place the Dental Implants.  If a dentist offers you Teeth in a Day they are either temporary or ones you will not want in 6 months. Doing Implant Retained Dentures requires all remaining teeth to be extracted. Placement of PRF or Platelet Rich Fibrin is recommended to prevent chronic Bone Pathology.

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