Teeth that are extracted normally have some degree of infection in and around the tooth.  Often times when a tooth is extracted, the underlying bone is also infected. Bone Pathology. Bone is an area of the body where there is very little blood supply, meaning an individual’s ability to fight infection is not as good in the Jaw bone relative to other parts of the body.  Jaw bone infections may not heal properly and the jaw bone can continue to have pockets of infection called “Bone Pathology”.

It is important to perform preventative Bone Pathology treatments after a tooth is extracted to reduce the risk of future Bone Pathology. When extraction sites are not treated properly and do not heal properly, bubble-like bacterial and fungal infections can persist for years in the jaw bone.  Extraction site treatments include, curettage and removal of the periodontal ligament, ozone and oxygen gas therapy, and irrigation with ozone water of the extraction site. The sites are also best treated with platelet rich fibrin, PRF. PRF is isolated from the patients blood taken immediately prior to tooth extraction. A single vial of blood per tooth extraction site is taken from the patient. The patient blood is placed in a centrifuge at 2700 rpms which separates out the PRF from the rest of the blood. PRF is a thick, yellow fibrous component of the blood. The PRF is placed into the extraction site to protect the site from infection while the jaw bone generates new bone and the gum cells grow over the fresh extraction site.

IV Sedation Dentistry is available for this procedure in Rockville, Maryland.

One of the biggest problems in oral surgery is when bacteria and fungus infect the bone and get trapped in bubble-like fashion and proliferate long after the gum tissue grows over the bony extraction site. It these cases, pockets or bubbles of bacteria and fungus grow in the jaw bone. The bacteria and fungus in the “Bone Pathology” feed from the local jaw bone blood supply and dump their biologic waste products and toxins into the jaw bone. Since bone has very little blood supply, the infections can persist for years if not indefinitely. When Bone Pathology is accessed later for treatment, black and smelly infected bony pockets can be found in the jawbone. The jaw bone in the area of the Bone Pathology is necrotic and irregular. Bone Pathology Treatment of these sites includes, curretage, ozone and oxygen gas therapy removal of any cystic/irregular tissue, re-establishment of clean blood supply to the bony defect. There are many terms for infected bony areas like Bone Pathology. The name for bone infection given by the medical community is sometimes Osteomyelitis.

The diagnosis of Bone Pathology is made based on history of dental extractions and the presence of radiographic bone loss. X-rays or 3D scans can be taken to look for areas of bone loss in previous extraction sites. Blood values can be atypical with elevated white blood cell counts and the presence of C-reactive proteins.

One of the most common sites of Bone Pathology is wisdom tooth extraction sites. Often times treatment is as simple as an Ozone gas injection. Most patients do not report  any ozone dental treatment side effects.

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