Our General Dentistry Services encompass all your wellness needs.

At Natural Dentist Associates we will prepare with you a customized dental hygiene plan that incorporates  at home care, routine dental examination and comprehensive, proactive treatment. Working with you, our  goal is to prevent tooth decay and disease so you can enjoy a healthy, natural smile for life. A beautiful smile means healthy gum tissue, no mercury and/or metal fillings, and elimination of the harmful bacteria that can affect your entire body. Our routine dental services encompass all of your general health and wellness needs. Using state of the art equipment, Natural Dentist Associates will guide you through the process of proper oral hygiene and provide you with convenient solutions to maintain a healthy smile.

Let the staff of Natural Dentist Associates take care of you and your teeth. Your mouth will thank you.

Our General Dentistry Services  at Natural Dentist Associates encompass all your wellness needs. Today’s dentistry offers so many amazing opportunities for you to enjoy better health and an enhanced appearance. A beautiful smile means healthy, pink gum tissue, no mercury/metal fillings, and elimination of the harmful bacteria that can affect your body in ways that reach far beyond your mouth. From routine examinations and comprehensive proactive treatment, to TMJ/TMD  relief and the brilliance of cosmetic dentistry,  we can help you enjoy a natural, healthy smile for your lifetime.

Natural Dentist Associates services the greater Montgomery County area. All of your dental needs can be met from X-rays to teeth cleaning as well as numerous other services. Dr.Baer and team can recommend a home health care plan for your teeth and counsel you on how your diet and lifestyle affect your teeth and gums.

Our General Dentistry Services Include:
  • Dental Cleanings including routine 6-month visits, periodontal / deep cleanings, periodontal therapy.
  • Comprehensive Dentistry for the entire family ages 1 and older. Most procedures will be completed in our office without the referral to another dentist.
  • Women’s Dentistry – Due to monthly hormonal cycles and pregnancies, women have greater dental needs than men. Hormones during pregnancy and menstruation lead to increased bacterial activity and higher incidence of dental disease. Women’s dental treatment should be approached differently than men.
  • Root Canal Therapy for front teeth and molars.
  • Prosthodontics including Bridges and Dentures.
  • Digital X-Rays and Photography – Get involved and educated with large X-rays and Photographs of your teeth viewed on a large computer screen. We like our patients to be involved with treatment plans, understand their need for treatment and how to prevent future dental disease.
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  • Sedation Dentistry

  • Holistic Dentistry

  • Dental Implants

  • Veneers

  • Tooth Whitening

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