Wisdom Teeth Removal

I personally Remove hundred and probably thousands of teeth every year in North Bethesda, Maryland. In this article I am going to share some the simple techniques I have learned and use to remove wisdom teeth. If you are in Rockville MD and in need of getting a tooth removed, please contact me anytime.

Breast Feeding and jaw Development?

Breast Feeding helps the development of Jaw Muscles and Alignment, and Airway. This helps lead to less Orthodontic Expenses and prevents TMJ Pain and Sleep Apnea in Adulthood. Left: A child who did not breast feed. Note small jaws. Right: child who breast fed for 2 years with well developed jaws and airway. During Breast […]

Crowded Teeth and Braces

A few myths about crowded teeth debunked and what is the truth about crowded teeth?

Root Canal Problems & Root Canal Reviews

What Can go Wrong with Root Canals? What are the common Root Canal Complications? A Root Canal by Definition: a filling of the canals of the roots of a tooth. The canals are the hollow centers of the tooth and roots where the living tissue inside the tooth, aka “Pulp”, used to reside. A root […]

What TMJ Dentist to See for TMJ Jaw Pain in Rockville MD?

Who Should I See for TMJ Disorder in Rockville MD? The Best Doctor or Dentist to see for Jaw Pain / TMJ Disorder ( TMJD ) is someone who is trained in identifying all the conditions that can cause TMJ Dysfunction. It is also important for this TMJ Doctor or TMJ Dentist to be able to rule […]

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