Root Canal Problems & Root Canal Reviews

What Can go Wrong with Root Canals? What are the common Root Canal Complications? A Root Canal by Definition: a filling of the canals of the roots of a tooth. The canals are the hollow centers of the tooth and roots where the living tissue inside the tooth, aka “Pulp”, used to reside. A root […]

What is TMJ by TMJ Dentist in Rockville MD

What Causes TMJ / What is TMJ? We are a group of local dentists in Rockville Maryland, with experience dealing with TMJ issues for over 20 years combined. When the jaws are too small there is inadequate tongue space among other Night-time breathing Restrictions. During deep sleep the tongue (a powerful muscle) relaxes and falls […]

Yoga Breathing Improves Sleep Apnea

Yoga Breathing Improves Sleep Apnea Breathing is a function that comes naturally, but sometimes the basic vital function can go wrong and be the source of disease. These Diseases Include: Sleep Apnea Heart Disease Kidney Disease TMJ Disorders Orthodontic Problems Skeletal and Postural disorders Or Wait, Maybe we need to create a new name for […]

What Causes Periodontal Disease?

Periodontal Disease is the most prevalent chronic disease in the world. Periodontal Disease also called Gum Disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. Gum disease starts when normal oral bacteria forms on teeth where the gum line meets teeth. In response to bacteria accumulating at the gum line, the gums become inflamed. The initial […]

Zeramex Zirconia Dental Implant

Zirconia Dental Implants have been on the market for several years, but Natural Dentist Associates has never been more excited about placing them until about 4 months ago when the Swiss made Zeramex Zirconia Dental Implant achieved FDA approval.   Advantages of the Zeramex Zirconia Implant: tooth colored and very esthetically pleasing etched/roughened surface to […]

Porcelain Fillings

Porcelain Fillings Introducing Composite Free or Plastic Free dental fillings. We now have Porcelain Fillings which are more Biocompatible than Plastic/Composite fillings. Composite fillings are made of tiny Plastic Particles made of the chemical Bis-GMA. Plastic Fillings often contain BPAs and have a higher incidence of patient sensitivity or allergic reactions. Porcelain Teeth Fillings contain […]

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