The goal of holistic dentistry is to provide thorough care, using biocompatible dental materials and minimally invasive procedures, with the intent to prevent future damage, discomfort, and disease. As holistic dentists, we are conscious of how a dental procedure or material might affect other parts or functions of the body. Understanding the connection between teeth and body has helped our doctors develop a holistic tooth extraction protocol, ensuring a smooth surgery and proper healing.

Holistic Wisdom Tooth Extraction Protocol
  • Using minimal force, remove the tooth completely, leaving no pieces behind.
  • Remove the PDL (periodontal ligament) that connects the tooth to the jawbone.
  • Clean out any soft tissue in the extraction site. (This tissue commonly harbors bacteria)
  • Place Ozone and Oxygen Gas in the extraction site to promote healing and kill bacteria.
  • Place PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) to promote bone healing.
  • Place sutures to stabilize gum tissue and preserve the PRF and clot.
Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF)

Platelet Rich Fibrin is a treatment that increases the success rate of oral surgery, while decreasing healing time and risk of infection. PRF is acquired by obtaining a small amount of the patient’s blood and spinning it in a centrifuge for 13 minutes at 2700 RPMs. The Spinning process will separate the blood into 3 layers including the Yellow PRF layer of interest. The PRF is a mixture of Fibrin, White Blood Cells and Bone Growth Factors including bone morphogenic protein. PRF appears as a yellow jello-like substance that is placed into the extraction site or dental implant surgery site.

During Wisdom Tooth Removal Surgery, the patients’ jawbone is exposed. As compared to other tissues in the human body, bone has very little blood supply. In areas where there is less blood, the body has less ability to heal quickly and less defense against infection. At Natural Dentist Associates, we place PRF into tooth extraction sites to promote rapid healing. For example, when a wisdom tooth extraction is performed, we will place the Platelet Rich Fibrin into the tooth extraction site. In the absence of the PRF, dental extractions sites are commonly left to heal open to the oral cavity. During tooth extraction site healing, saliva, bacteria, and other contaminants are free to pour down into the jawbone. When PRF is placed into the extraction site, the PRF protects the site from infection and enriches the area with proteins that accelerate healing.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone is a molecule consisting of three atoms of oxygen. It is produced naturally by lightning and by various industrial processes. Ozone can be used in dentistry with no side effect and no contraindications with other medicine or any medical disorders the patient may have.

When ozone molecules split into single oxygen atoms, the atoms can react when coming in contact with a contaminant. Ozone is so reactive that it never fails to initiate this reactive activity. This reaction is all done through the single atom oxidizing the contaminants. As this reaction takes place, it destroys any contaminant it comes in contact with by changing it’s physical properties, resulting in the contaminant no longer being toxic or able to reproduce. The additional ozone changes back to pure oxygen, thus making it environmentally friendly.

Ozone and Oxygen Gas is used in wisdom tooth extraction sites to encourage the healing of both gum and jawbone. Ozone helps to kill bacteria and other toxins that may be hiding in the pores of bone cells. Bone is extremely susceptible to infection. Using ozone to cleanse the extraction site helps prevent infection and healing delays.

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