Essix Retainer


An Essix retainer is a transparent aligner that helps to maintain your perfect smile. These custom-made retainers fit snuggly over your teeth by snapping or sliding into place. Most patients use the Essix retainer after orthodontic treatment, to keep their teeth straight and sometimes to re-align their teeth slightly. Because your teeth can move and shift into new positions over time, an Essix retainer is a great way to preserve your costly orthodontic treatment.

  • The clear color makes the Essix retainer virtually unnoticeable, compared to traditional wire retainers
  • The Essix retainer is removable, making it easy to eat and drink
  • Super easy to clean
  • Comfortable and less bulky than traditional retainers
  • Maintains the positioning of your teeth after orthodontic treatment
  • Reasonably priced

No, a retainer will not straighten your teeth. It will maintain your teeth’s current positioning and prevent them from shifting any further.

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