Problems With Stainless Steel Crowns and Their Alternatives

Alternatives to Stainless Steel Crowns Alternatives to stainless steel crowns include resin-based fillings and all-porcelain crowns. These options avoid placing metal in the mouth. The filling material we use in our office is primarily comprised of porcelain particles and has minimal resin fillers, making it a safer dental material. For pediatric patients, if the cavity […]

Do I really need to get my teeth X-rayed at the Dentist?

Do I really need to get my teeth X-rayed at the Dentist? (What if I’m pregnant?) Yes! But let us reassure you that we only take X-rays when necessary. X-rays reveal issues that we simply can’t perceive with the naked eye. This is very important in the prevention of dental problems. The alternative of having […]

FAQ Coconut Oil Pulling

Coconut Oil? Really? Yes, really. The practice of using Coconut Oil to clean and keep one’s teeth healthy is an Indian folk remedy that dates back thousands of years. Recent studies have confirmed the wisdom of this ancient practice.   What does Coconut Oil do that helps teeth? Coconut Oil Pulling benefits the teeth and mouth […]

Do Composite Fillings Contain BPA?

Do Composite Fillings contain BPA?  (We have transitioned to Porcelain Filling Material which have glass particles instead of resins). This is a questions we get asked by many of our Holistic Dental patients. As awareness regarding the health effects of various dental materials is increasing among the general population, most people now question the safety […]

10 Helpful Tips for Holistic Dental Care

Holistic Dental Care: 10 Healthy Tips You’ve been taking care of your teeth your entire life. Well now it’s time to unveil the truth about the proper dental care. Holistic dental care is the future of truly healthy teeth, so here are 10 simple, yet effective hygienic tips and reminders: 1. Brush twice a day […]
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