Creative Commons Attribution

We would like to thank and give credit for use use of the following icons:

We used these icons to make a font that we made using icomoon.
One of the icons we used was a download icon that was in the icomoon pack.

IcoMoon License

Developer Friendly License

IcoMoon’s premium icon packs come with a royalty free license. This license grants you the following.

You may modify or alter all the icons, in any way you wish.
You may generate custom icon fonts.
You may use the icons and/or fonts in web pages, web apps, or other kinds of commercial or free software.
You may use the icons and/or fonts in web templates for sale.
You may use the icons in print or any other physical form you wish.
This license does not give you the right to reproduce or resell IcoMoon’s icon packs. The purpose of the project/product in which you use the icons should not be icon redistribution.

This is for the use of the download icon in the free pack from here: