Mercury and Metal Filling Removal

Mercury is one of the most dangerous chemical known.  Unfortunately mercury fillings also know as dental amalgams or silver fillings are mostly composed of mercury.  Individuals with mercury fillings in there teeth are exposed to mercury vapors when they chew food and really perform any tooth function.  Removal of dental amalgams or mercury fillings should only be done in a safe way that does not expose the patient or the doctor to mercury particles or vapor.  At Natural Dentist Associates in Rockville Maryland we use mercury safe protocols created by the IAOMT ( ).  The IAOMT protocol involves the use of barriers and filters, preventing exposure of the patient and dentist to harmful mercury vapors and particles.  Due to rising concern in our communities, removal of dental mercury fillings or removal of dental amalgams or removal of dental silver fillings is a very popular service at Natural Dentist Associates. Metal filling removal.

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