Dentures vs Dental Implants in Rockville Maryland

Should I go with a Denture or Upgrade to Implants


dentures vs implants                          implants vs dentures


Dentures Pros and Cons

Dentures are the lowest cost solution but not permanent and needs to be removed for cleaning. Dentures feel large bulky and un natural. Dentures may be unstable and you may need to wear gooey adhesive to hold them into your mouth. Dentures often come dislodged during eating and sometimes while talking even. Chewing food can be difficult because the dentures move around. Dentures deliver 30-40% of normal chewing function. Dentures cover large amounts of the mouth with plastic and can cause the patients food to taste differently. Dentures eventually need to be relined and made over again. Bone and facial structure loss continues without any teeth replacement. A face can begin to look sunken in smaller and aged.

Dental Implant Pros and Cons:

The most costly solution, but implants normally last a lifetime. Implants are permanent and stay in the mouth. Dental Implants feel and function like natural teeth. Patients will be able to chew with 90-100% of normal chewing function. Implants are not bulky and feel a lot more natural and similar to natural teeth. Implants preserve bone and prevent jaw bones and facial structures from collapsing and sinking inward. Implant will keep a patients smile and face looking young and vital. With dental implants there is no gooey denture adhesives to wear because implants are rooted in the jaws like natural teeth. Implants should perform as teeth and need minimal if any maintenance into the future.

hopefully this clarifies the debate:

Implants vs Dentures

The main obstacle for dental implants is the cost of dental implants. Conventional Dentures are a lot more affordable. Additionally, when natural teeth fail, even the costs of removing teeth and making dentures can be expensive. The cost of extractions and dentures can cost thousands of dollars and most dental insurances usually only pay $1000 – $1500 per year on the average. Most medical insurances do not cover oral surgeon services unless the patient is severely medically sick.

Implant Dentures are a more affordable option than a full mouth of Dental Implants

dental implant over denture

If dental implants are not affordable, there are options involving combinations of implants and dentures, called over dentures. Over dentures connect to a small number of implants for stability, but still adapt to the gums and are removable like dentures. implant retained over dentures are usually half the cost of full mouth dental implant cases. An implant denture may be a temporary solution while the patient saves money for more implants and a permanent bridge. often times the stability of implant dentures is so good, an implant patient may not care that they overdenture is removable.

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