(Washington, DC) — A lawsuit filed today in the DC District Federal Court claims that despite growing evidence of harm caused by dental amalgam, the FDA continues to delay its decision to protect public health against the dangers of mercury tooth fillings.

The case cites that the FDA has failed to respond within a reasonable time to petitions calling for either a formal ban of amalgam use, or placement in FDA’s Class III, which requires: 1) additional restrictions for vulnerable individuals; 2) more stringent proof of safety; and 3) an Environmental Impact Statement. Mercury is a persistent toxic chemical that can build up in the body.  It is particularly toxic to the kidneys and the nervous system.  Young children are more sensitive to mercury and are exposed to mercury through breast milk.   The fetus is exposed to mercury from placental transfer of mercury from a pregnant woman’s teeth containing amalgam. Mercury dental fillings
More information on the health effects of mercury fillings can be seen in this video.
“We have banned mercury in disinfectants, thermometers, and many other consumer products,” said Griffin Cole, DDS, President of the IAOMT. “There is no magic formula that makes mercury safe when it’s put into our mouths.  It’s inexcusable to use mercury in dental fillings when there are much safer alternatives.”


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