Top 5 Reasons to Avoid or Remove Dental Metal Fillings

5 Reasons to Remove MetaL Fillings5 reasons to remove or avoid dental metal fillings.

1)  Dental amalgams aka silver fillings, metal fillings, mercury fillings are composed of 50% elemental mercury.

Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on our planet.  The last place it should be found is in our mouths.  I learned not to put poisonous substances into my mouth at a young age with the aid of the famous “Mr. Yuck” sticker.  My mom placed the Mr. Yuck stickers on things like paint jars, cleaning chemicals and rat poison.  It’s often a good idea to remove dental metal fillings.

2) Dental metal fillings are environmental pollutants.

Aren’t we trying to be more “Green” these days.  Do we really want to continue to dump poisons such as mercury into our water?  It is expensive to clean up and it is not safe to have any poisonous substances dumped into our environment where we can be exposed.  Last but not least, save the dentist!  Even using the best filters and barriers, at Natural Dentist Associates we are concerned about our work place and hope one day all dentists will use fillings that do not contain mercury.  It’s often a good idea to remove dental metal fillings.

3) Metal fillings do not look natural and esthetic.

Tooth colored composites and porcelains can be placed  and look just natural teeth.  No one will ever know you have fillings or crowns.  At Natural Dentist Associates in Rockville Maryland, we use only tooth colored fillings and treatments.

4) Metal fillings expand over time, and do not bond to teeth.

This often causes cracks, leaks and bigger tooth failures necessitating more aggressive dental treatments such as root canals, crowns or even tooth loss.  At Natural Dentist Associates we use BPA free tooth colored composites to fill teeth.  Composites bond tooth teeth and do not expand significantly over time.

5) Silver or Metal fillings release mercury vapor as you eat, drink, clench and grind your teeth.

If you drink soda or other acidic foods such as limes or tomatoes, this results in an even greater release of mercury vapor.   At Natural Dentist Associates we evaluate all the materials we use for our patients and only select the safest biocompatible and natural treatments.  We do not use silver, amalgam, metal or mercury fillings.  It’s often a good idea to remove dental metal fillings.



At Natural Dentist Associates we have a special air filtration system that is utilized along with supplemental oxygen for the patient. Dr. Baer, along with the staff wear special safety masks and remove the mercury fillings with a special suction. At Natural Dentist Associates  we make sure you are protected during this procedure. Schedule an appointment to have your mercury fillings removed.


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