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Dental Implant Testimonial  ” Dr Baer will be my dentist- forever!”

Dr Baer will be my dentist- forever! I had significant fear about any dental work and actively resisted it at every opportunity. My teeth had been hurting for quite some time. I finally found the courage to see a dentist. My friend had told me of his great dental experience. I finally called and scheduled an appt. Dr Baer and her staff were very friendly. Dr Baer’s compassion put me at ease. Since I was a little apprehensive, Dr Baer informed me about sedation. While sedated, I had a cleaning, a couple of extractions, and an implant completed-all in one visit. My teeth have never looked better and I am pain-free! I no longer have any concerns about dental work. Thank you, Dr Baer. – Arne Fleisher

“I was  then escorted into my comfortable operating chair and offered a warm neck roll…”

I walk in to a friendly greeting from both receptionists. Within seconds I am then escorted into my comfortable operating chair and offered a warm neck roll, which I love! I then sit back and watch my favorite episodes of Seinfeld or listen to some soothing sounds on the preloaded Ipods as Dr. Baer carefully works on my teeth. They are very thorough and knowledgeable about every procedure, and they explain each situation in the least intimidating way possible. Never before have I had such a pleasant experience at the Dentist. I hope to never have to go to a new Dentist ever again. -Stuart Tipograph

“My smile looks great!”

I had a terrible dental experience a few years ago, and therefore, put off going to the dentist. What a mistake. I was in need of some fillings and I was also missing a tooth. Dr Baer recommended a dental implant. Dr. Baer explained to me that teeth like to touch one another and since I was a missing a tooth, that eventually all of my teeth would start to shift to compensate for the space in my gum line. I did not like the idea of my teeth shifting (after years of braces). My smile looks great! – Emma Banks