Is it Necessary to do a 3D Cone Beam Scan?

3D Cone Beam / 3D xray / CBCT Scan:
It is necessary to do a 3D conebeam CBCT for Dental Procedures including Dental Implants, Wisdom Teeth Removal, Cracked Tooth Diagnosis and Root Canal Issues. Standard X-rays do not had 3 dimensional detail necessary for dental diagnosis of the above items. For Example, it is not safe to place an implant into a jaw if you cannot identify the exact location of important structures such as sinuses and nerves. It is not safe to take out an impacted wisdom tooth if you do not know exactly where it is and what surrounds it. If you do not have a 3D view of a tooth root it may be impossible to know it it is cracked, filled properly or if there is infection below the root. It is not necessary to have a 3D x-ray for all procedures. In fact 3D x rays are not as good at diagnosing cavities between the teeth.

We have the ICAT 3D Cone Beam system which is the best 3D system for dental applications.

Benefits of 3D Cone Beam:
  1. easy diagnosis of cracked teeth- save time and money, if a tooth is cracked through it cannot be fixed
  2. easy diagnosis of infected root canal teeth / abscesses
  3. easy diagnosis of bone pathology such as infection in bone from a prior tooth extraction site
  4. determines placement of impacted teeth. If a dentist knows where an impacted tooth is (front of jaw vs back), he/she can start the surgery on the correct side of the jaw rather than guessing
  5. dental implant planning: implants should not be placed into vital structures of the jaw such as into sinus spaces or into nerves. 3D cone Beam and CBCT helps visualize and place vital structures so they can be avoided.
  6. visualizes where jaw bone is so an implant dentist can do more conservative implant surgery. If a dentist does not have 3D, he/she will more often need to make surgical incisions to visualize the jaw bones directly.
  7. more accurate treatment planning of gum and bone grafting since the implant dentist can actually quantify the jaw bone topography.
  8. diagnosis of the airway. helps with sleep and tmj diagnosis.

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