If you are coming in for TMJ/TMD related treatment, please fill out the following forms prior to your appointment:

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Common signs and symptoms of TMD include:

  1. Jaw Pain especially in the morning
  2. Jaw Joint Popping and clicking
  3. Limited opening and range of motion of Jaw
  4. Worn, Cracked, Chipped and Broken Teeth.  Often a history of past Root Canals, Crowns and fillings by the gumline
  5. Gum Recession
  6. Loose Teeth
  7. Sore Teeth
  8. Unstable Tooth Position.  Constant need to wear retainers or teeth that are always shifting
  9. Headaches, possibly migraines, especially in the Temporal area and up around and behind the eyes
  10. Sinus Pressure or the feeling of having a Sinus Infection
  11. Neck and shoulder tension, upper back pain
  12. Sense of Water or Fullness in the ear and sometimes ear pain
  13. Dizziness
  14. Tingling in the fingers and extremities

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