3 Ways Your Teeth Tell You Have a Sleep Disorder

1. If you Clench or Grind your teeth. When you do this act you actually spread the bones in your palate. This can increase your airway giving you more oxygen and increase the flow of blood to your brain which relaxes you. When we are under stress this is one way our body redirects blood flow for healing purposes. If you wear a night guard it should only be on the lower arch so that you get that release.

2. You have an enlarged tongue with scalloped edges. This indicates your jaws do not have enough space for your tongue and indicates your tongue is in the way of your airway. Usually this coexists with snoring.


3. You are having TMJ pain or issues such as your jaws are popping when you open. This usually indicates either your jaws are under developed and need to be expanded.


There are many other tells such as gum recession, snoring, and getting up multiple times at night. We recommend an exam that includes a digital CT and a take home sleep study. These items allow us to determine if a dental appliance is the right option and if so which one.

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