3 Reasons Sedation Dentistry is Awesome!

1. You can have all of your work done in one appointment. From a cleaning and x-rays to extractions and implants. You will feel like you have been in the office for 5 min.. This is a great option for people that have anxiety with dental appointments(super common) and also for those of us with a shortage of time. Multiple appointments equals multiple hours and or days off of work or needing baby sitters.



2. Less pain. Many of us have issues with adrenal fatigue. This crazy pace we work at stresses out our adrenal gland and increases our cortisol levels. High levels of Cortisol equals pain. When we truly relax and turn this off it amazing what our bodies can handle. This issue also explains why some people do not seem to be able to get completely numb. White knuckling through an appointment is Not good for you. Respecting your bodies limits and giving it time to focus on healing and not stress is the key. We are designed to heal. Relaxing with a light sedation allows you to not only relax but for your body to focus on healing.

3. There are huge health benefits! This applies to the adrenal fatigue listed above but also if you have any heart or blood pressure issues. It is far safer for us to monitor you and keep your heart and lungs in a relaxed state. We have more control over your blood pressure and oxygen intake with twilight(IV sedation). Having this control allows us to make sure there are no issues. I would much rather avoid a heart or BP issue then deal with one after the fact. We also need much less anesthetic during the sedation appointment which is a plus.

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