3 Ways Your Teeth Tell You Have a Sleep Disorder

1. If you Clench or Grind your teeth. When you do this act you actually spread the bones in your palate. This can increase your airway giving you more oxygen and increase the flow of blood to your brain which relaxes you. When we are under stress this is one way our body redirects blood […]

TMJ Treatment In Rockville, MD

TMJ Treatment There are lots of simple home remedies for treating TMJ Pain: stretches, hot cloths, tongue exercises. But if your jaw pain is bad enough that you’re considering a consultation with a dentist, we can possibly assume you’ve tried these remedies and need to consider a more serious approach. The sources of TMJ Pain […]

TMJ Diagnosis and by TMJ Dentist at Natural Dentist Associates

At Natural Dentist Associates our TMJ Dentist screens all out patients for TMJ disorders.  TMJ disorders often cause problems such as jaw pain, headaches, worn and broken teeth, gum and bone loss, tooth sensitivity, tooth loss, neck, back and shoulder pain, ear fullness, and sometimes even dizziness and tingling in the fingers.  Early diagnosis of […]

TMJ Dentist / TMD Dentist

What is TMJ/TMD? TMJ/TMD refers to a disorder of the chewing system including teeth, muscles and the jaw joint (Temporomandibular Joint). The disorder is caused by a misalignment between muscles, joint and upper and lower teeth. Common Symptoms include: Headaches- both migraine & sinus/pressure headaches Worn Teeth Cracked Teeth Fractured Teeth Loose/Sore Teeth Pain on […]

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