Dental EmergencyWhat Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

Dental Emergencies Can happen?  If you are having a Dental Emergency, contact us Immediately at 301-770-2270.  We will see you Same-Day and do whatever is necessary to get you out of Dental Pain!

Any situation that is causing you severe pain, acute dental infection, or moderate to severe dental discomfort is a Dental Emergency. At Natural Dentist Associates, we will make time for any Dental Emergency. We think that any injury to the teeth or gums can be potentially serious and should not be ignored. Ignoring a dental problem or a Dental Emergency can increase the risk of permanent damage as well as the need for more extensive and expensive treatment later on.

Specific problems that should be treated immediately by our emergency dentists in Rockville, MD:

A broken or lost tooth-

Depending on the extent of the damage of broken tooth, it will either need to be extracted and replaced with a Dental Implant or it will need a crown. If you think your tooth is lost, there is likely still a piece of root down in the gum that will need to be removed and replaced with a Dental Implant.

A tooth that been partially dislodged

If the tooth is partially dislodged, the tooth will need to be put back into position and held in place with a retainer while it tightens up. Additionally, the tooth will need an X-ray to determine if there is any damage to the root.

Sudden severe swelling-

If you have sudden and severe swelling, it is imperative that you come to our office immediately so we can determine the source of the swelling. It will likely be a tooth with prior treatment that has failed, such as a root canal or filling.

A sore on the gum that looks like a pimple-

This is likely a tooth abscess from a failed filling or root canal. The tooth will likely need to be extracted and because there is serious bone infection, the patient will need to be put on antibiotic and reappointed for treatment at a later date.

A broken or lost crown or filling

We will need to make a new temporary crown and order a new permanent crown

An object caught between the teeth that can’t be removed with brushing or dental floss-

If you have objects caught between teeth that cannot be removed, you should come in for a quick emergency visit so we can remove them for you.

Injuries to the lips, gums, or palate

the trauma will need to be evaluated and stitches placed as necessary.

Call Natural Dentist Associates at 301.770.2270 so that we can treat your problem quickly. If additional treatment is needed, we will let you know and discuss your options with you.