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Today (Thu 6th Mar, 2014) is…Dentist Day!

“Dentists aren’t the most popular people in the world. But without them, we’d all have terrible teeth, and no doubt forget to floss or get regular check-ups. What would we do without dentists when we get tooth-ache, and need help with braces and fillings?”



“Annually celebrated on March 6th, it is National Dentist’s Day.  This day was created as a day set aside to say “Thank You” to and show appreciation to  your dentist. In many cases, the day of our dental visit usually has us a bit nervous and sometimes anxious.  We would often rather be someplace else than sitting in a dental chair.  The dentist is not the person that most of us look forward to seeing.    However, when the work is complete, such as: our checkup is done, our teeth are cleaned, the cavities are filled, the broken tooth is fixed, the toothache is taken care of and etc., we really appreciate what the dentist has done for us. ” 

This Dentist Day, consider that dentists aren’t the bad guys and gals, that they’re real people too, and that you probably aught to take better care of your teeth. Hooray for dentists! Courtesy  


If you are a dentist, HAPPY DENTIST’S DAY!