How to Safely Remove Dental Amalgam Fillings

How to Safely Remove Dental Amalgam Fillings This Video shows the basic setup and procedure to safely remove a mercury filling. The setup includes a tooth isolation apparatus called a rubber dental damn, a vent or suction to remove amalgam vapors or aerosols during the amalgam removal, positive O2 flow for the patient, eye protection […]

FAQ Amalgam Fillings

Are the fillings Safe?  Should I have them removed? Many of my patients ask about the risks of Metal aka Amalgam and Mercury Fillings.  Are the fillings Safe?  Should I have them removed?  Am I being exposed or poisoned by the Mercury in the metal fillings that are in my mouth?  Will the Metal and […]

Lawsuit Filed Against FDA Risks of Mercury Dental Fillings

(Washington, DC) — A lawsuit filed today in the DC District Federal Court claims that despite growing evidence of harm caused by dental amalgam, the FDA continues to delay its decision to protect public health against the dangers of mercury tooth fillings. The case cites that the FDA has failed to respond within a reasonable […]

Top 5 Reasons to Avoid or Remove Dental Metal Fillings

5 reasons to remove or avoid dental metal fillings. 1)  Dental amalgams aka silver fillings, metal fillings, mercury fillings are composed of 50% elemental mercury. Mercury is one of the most toxic substances on our planet.  The last place it should be found is in our mouths.  I learned not to put poisonous substances into […]

What Do You Want to Know About Your Mercury Fillings? Natural Dentist Associates

Please post your questions about Mercury Filling Removals on Facebook Post by Natural Dentist Associates Holistic Dentistry Rockville MD.

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